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Group Fitness

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'Your confidence-in-self determines how you move through this world, how you interact with others and how you face challenges that come your way'.

Our group classes offer a space to connect with ourselves and others, to grow and redefine what we are capable of through strength training, restorative movements and a deeper mind- body connection.'

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I've been training with Tav remotely for 3+ years and could not imagine entrusting anyone else with my fitness goals. He's a wealth of physiological knowledge and is very attuned to the needs of his trainees. Tav puts so much intention into the workout designs, and he always strikes the right balance between increasing flexibility, strength-building, and recovery. Because of that, even some of the hardest sessions leave me feeling refreshed. Five stars are simply not enough to properly rate the Six Harmonies United experience.

-Joe V.

I have been a student of Tav’s for nearly a decade and I can genuinely say that he has been instrumental in helping me maintain and improve both my physical and mental health. Tav is both conscientious and motivating at the same time. He practices an innovative approach to fitness that is accessible and beneficial for any level. He’s also just a very kind person with a fun personality. I would recommend Tav to anybody and everybody.


'Tav’s strength training class has been life changing! I’m stronger, more toned, and have such improved posture. Tav creates a balanced, full-body workout. He pays attention to the smallest details to prevent injury and make sure his students get the most out of each session'.


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3101 33rd ST Sacramento, CA

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