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Hi there. Thanks for checking out what we're all about. My name is Tav, I'm the owner and operator of Six Harmonies United in Sacramento, CA.

I have been active and involved in strength training and martial arts all of my adult life. I started learning Kung Fu as a child and returned to it as an adult, eventually moving to Southern CA to open a Kung Fu school with my Sifu, Master Benson Lee in 2010.


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Before the move to LA, I studied Kinesiology at Sacramento State University and got my Bachelors degree in Exercise Science, with a personal interest in injury rehabilitation, motor learning and biomechanics. 


While in school I studied under Chip Conrad of Bodytribe Fitness and from him I learned powerlifting, Kettlebell and leverage club work, and a lifting philosophy that is integral to my personal approach to teaching. 

I helped to build out the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School in Los Angeles and taught classes daily for 10 years, earning the title of 'Sifu' by my teacher, Master Benson Lee. It was this experience teaching while continuing to build connections with personal training clients that I established a strong love for sharing what I know and teaching others.

Eagle Claw Kung Fu School Sifu tav Byerhoff Master Benson Lee
Sifu Tav Byerhoff Master Benson Lee.jpg

Sifu Tav Byerhoff with Master Benson Lee and Instructors in Southern California

Through the years I've built a fitness model that combines Tai Chi Breath Meditation, Anatomy Trains based fascia theory, Kung Fu and yoga inspired mobility work and my background in 'Functional Strength Training', I call it the Six Harmonies United method. 



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