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Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training at Center Seven Studios

Our fitness philosophy cultivates the connection of the heart, mind, breath and body as a means to unlock our potential

Bring your strength and ability to new levels through our unique group-training sessions combining elements of yoga, calisthenics, weight training and myo-fascia meridian work. See the schedule and information for group classes or contact us to schedule personal training sessions

Martial Arts training is a transformative process through which we improve ourselves, connect to one another and realize our potential.  If you are interested in learning Eagle Claw Kung Fu or Wu Tai Chi you can learn at your own pace, wherever you are, through the on-demand program or in one-on-one online instruction. email for details.

'Sifu Tav keeps you motivated, learning, and getting stronger. He’s also extremely detail oriented and understands how to convey all of that detail through a screen'.  -Anne K.

If you are looking to learn Kung Fu at your own pace, on your own time our On-Demand Program has everything you need to move through the ranks. As a new member to the On-Demand Program you get access to the full first level curriculum through In-Depth instructional videos detailing the positions, movements and techniques of all of the fundamentals of Eagle Claw Kung Fu. Online, monthly check-in sessions, included in the program, help you fix errors and develop a deeper understanding of the material. For continued learning we give you the option to test into new levels via online video review; our program offers you the opportunity to receive rank and unlock new material all the way through the intermediate levels. Visit the Membership Page for more information on the On-Demand Program 

Online Group Adult Kung Fu & Tai Chi At this time, online group classes are only open to current members or through private lessons attached to the on-demand program. Email any time if you're interested in learning kung fu. No experience is necessary.



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